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  • Campaign calls on government to ‘fix or ditch’ IR35

    The value to a creative professional, like Schneier, who has published close to 20 books in his career, or this reporter, who has review film published zero but keeps trying just in case, is clear. But the applications of this theory go way beyond generating a useable first draft of a book, or a letter […]

  • The ‘Perfect Human Pathogen’ Is Spreading at the Winter Olympics

    A nasty stomach bug is spreading at the 2018 Winter Olympics, according to news reports. As of yesterday (Feb. 8), 128 cases of norovirus — a highly contagious infection that causes vomiting and diarrhea — were confirmed at Olympic sites, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the U.S., there are […]

  • Gut Reaction: Does Intense Training Affect Olympic Athletes’ Poop?

    How do Olympic athletes’ diets and exercise regimens affect their performance … in the bathroom? Olympians-in-training undergo intense and prolonged exercise routines, often accompanied by specific dietary requirements. But studies have shown that these practices — especially in endurance sports, such as marathon running — can have adverse effects on the body and, in particular, […]

  • Giant Blob Floating Past Hawaii Is Probably a Whale Placenta

    Whale watchers cruising off the coast of Hawaii came across something that looked like a giant, used tissue floating in the water this month. But you wouldn’t want to blow your nose into this wet blob — according to the Pacific Whale Foundation, the goopy mass of floating white matter was a placenta, likely belonging […]

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