What Makes Cambridge School Jakarta Different? Check Out These Points

What Makes Cambridge School Jakarta Different? Check Out These Points

Cambridge education, which is pretty much under the international school range, has been in favor. It is due to the many more positive aspects it can provide for the students. It is seen as a better education with international learning, focus on the learner, adjustable, and many more. To make you fall in love with the Cambridge school Jakarta, read further to find its charms.  

Positive Aspects Of Cambridge Education 

1. Focus On Both Academic And Personal Growth 

One thing that makes Cambridge loved and seen better than local curricula is its focus on developing both academic and personal growth. Students got their chance in learning more than what the school gives, which means a more unique education. They can focus on certain skills, abilities, or certain focus. Not only that, but the curriculum also incorporates more humanistic education. 

2. Give International Recognition And Opportunity 

Cambridge itself has been an international benchmark for schools and learners. A student who can thrive and stay on the green during their study in international Cambridge education will have better recognition in the world. The curriculum and its education are hard enough, which helps prove students’ quality after studying in the school. 

3. Adjustable Curriculum In Dealing With Learners 

Cambridge school Jakarta uses the international curriculum with its insight into providing more adjustable learning. The idea is that every school has its unique learner, situation, and setting. With that in mind, the school has its chance in creating a more beneficial and fitting curriculum that fit the student’s needs or focus. 

4. It Is About The Process Not The Outcome 

Cambridge education has its ability to stay different from the local or regular curriculum. This is because the Cambridge curriculum focuses on the process, which is why the school has several tests under the name of the checkpoint. It is also focused on assessing the students’ learning processes, such as learning about their skills, strength, interest, and likes. 

5. More Exciting And Fun Learning 

With more adjustable and fitting learning, education can feel more exciting and positive. When properly used and introduced to the students, it helps engage with the learner and keeps them joining and enjoying the process. The idea gives the Cambridge school Jakarta a higher chance of becoming a more effective education option. The given list of positive factors showcases and proves the higher quality of Cambridge education. If you are interested in enrolling your children in the school, consider Global Sevilla. Global Sevilla has high end facilities with an international Cambridge curriculum in it. It is also a K-12 education school, which covers kindergarten to secondary school. Don’t miss it and check Global Sevilla.